30 July, 2011


This is a terrible picture, I think I was too close, but you can -sort of- see how we learned to "cage" a cabochon. You make little stacks of beads all around the cabochon, and then create a cage that helps hold the stone on the fabric.

 A postcard I am donating to BHQG. It's a scrappy background, mostly blue with green and orange. Then I added beading and metallic fabric paint.

I bought the fat quarter at Seminole Sampler and am practicing my beading skills by highlighting the birds. It's fun! This is a detail. The next picture shows the big picture.

Beading birds.

One of the quilts I got back from Cloth and Quilts on Thursday. Thomas expressed admiration for the pattern, so he gets this one. He has been wanting a long lap quilt that will completely cover him.

My Fat Baby! Jake, eating in our kitchen. Please note how his legs are sliding out from under him. He gets his face in the bowl and never stops eating, even if all four legs shoot off in different directions.

A view from above. Jake eats like every meal is his first, and maybe his last, he eats with gusto and determination. He's getting so old, and his legs just go every which a way. 

Besties! Sarah and Deana at the end of a long, warm evening full of stories and laughter. I love you guys!


  1. I think the beaded bird looks spectacular!

  2. Your quilts are beautiful!! I used to have an Irish Chain that belonged to my great grandmother. It was perfectly simple. Red and white with one row of green squares. I used to drag it outside under the apple tree, drinking rootbeer floats and reading Greek myths. Yours are stunning!!
    I love you, too, Talented One.