14 July, 2011

Summer Camp

Today feels like Friday. The reason I have that happy-end-of-week feeling is that early tomorrow I will be driving up to Emmitsburg, MD to join my fellow quilters for three days of grown-up sleepover camp.

All over Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia (and even farther parts) women are packing their khaki pants, flowered blouses, and sensible shoes. They are packing pounds of 100% cotton fabric, sewing machines, rotary cutters, rulers, and cutting mats into their handy-dandy rolling carriers.

Quilters are checking their class lists one last time to make sure that they have all the fabric, thread, and notions they need. Then they are throwing in a few extra items, just in case. Quilters don't like to run the risk of running out of something and having to miss class time going to get more.

Bags of chips, hundreds of cans of Diet Coke, and quite a bit of wine are ready to head to MAQ. At Summer Camp for Grown Up Ladies, people like to have something to snack on in the evenings.

Next Monday it will be back to work, routine dog care, and the real world. For the next three days I'll sleep in the dorm, eat at the dining hall, learn some new skills, and enjoy hanging out with my people, the People Who Quilt.

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