20 July, 2011

7th Month Checkup

Back in the frozen days of January, I posted that I would try to meet some goals this year.

It went like this:

Other goals for this year:

  • Finish at least 6 quilting projects
  • Take part in at least two ATC trades
  • Attend MAQ in July
  • Do at least one volunteer activity for CSAC each month
Well, so far I am prodding buttock on my goals!!!! I have indeed read at least one non-fiction book each month. Some I have enjoyed very much, while others I got through much as you eat a meal that is good for you, but not very tasty. Think green beans without any salt or seasoning.

I have finished four quilting projects:
  • batik quilt (mostly blue)
  • moda marbles quilt for Mom
  • Kim Jalette's Storm at Sea quilt
  • quilted postcard (so Sue can stop nagging me to finish it)

I took part in one ATC swap.

Most months I have done more than one volunteer activity for CSAC. I've gone to an adoption show, and done five or six home visits.

MAQ was last week, and a good time it was!

So, I feel pleased with my progress. I am of that temperament that always feels that I could have done more, thus guaranteeing that I will be slightly dissatisfied with myself, but I am trying to treat myself the way I would treat a friend. More pats on the back and encouragement, less harsh judgment and disappointment.

I hope that your year, so far, has been full of awesome, with 20% less suck. More fiber! Less stress. More slicing, dicing, and julienne fries, less three easy payments of $9.99 (plus shipping and handling)!!!!!


  1. Now let's make plans to bake next year!!!

  2. I really want to go to Vermont next winter or spring to take the four day bread baking class. Are you interested?

    I figure there are tons of other things to also do in VT.