30 August, 2014

World traveler returns home

I was in Deutschland for 2.5 weeks during August. It was a family trip in all the ways that count. My family went with and Thomas' family hosted all of us. Even my brother-in-law's parents stopped by for three days in their European wandering.

There are thousands of pictures and I'll eventually get around to posting a few. Most of the trip was good. We celebrated the 100th birthday of Oma, Thomas' maternal grandmother. There was a huge party with a tent, a beer wagon, and more food than you can imagine.

We weren't just in the village. Thomas and I went to Berlin for three days with my folks and then the entire USA family met each other in the Schwartzwald for four days.

Gallons of beer and wine and lots of schnitzel were consumed. We rode Segways around the sites of Berlin and viewed the city from the river Spree and from the Dome at the top of the Reichstag. We ate currywurst at the Sony Center in Pottsdammer Platz. In the hotel in the Black Forest I took my mother and two nieces through the most extensive round of sauna I have ever done. It was a good trip and I am glad we went.

I was also glad to get back to my home, my dogs, my bed, and my routine. Travel is exciting for me, right up to the point where I start feeling lost and unsettled.