31 December, 2012

Ring out the old, Ring in the new...Happy New Year to You, and You, and You!

I've been working on a list of Things to Do in 2013. I had lots of ideas. Here is where I started.

Do everything!
Lose all the weight I want to
Read all the books
Watch no tv
Make 1 quilt a month
Work part time
Make twice the money.

After some sober reflection I thought that might be just a wee bit ambitious. So, here's my adjusted list.

Volunteer for CSAC or other rescue at least once a month.
Write in my blog once a week, minimum.
Make six quilts this year.
Commit to the 100 Day Challenge and move my body at least 30 minutes each day for the first 100 days of the year.
Start yoga classes this week (yay! I love yoga.)
Start putting away money each month for Thomas' future car needs.
Get back to eating healthier and finish up the year 40 lbs. lighter than I am right now. (Right now I am 40 lbs. lighter than I was at this time last year, so I'm moving in the right direction!)
Read one book of non-fiction each month and track my reading on my blog.

That all seems possible and ambitious. I don't really have a BHAG, but I am thinking about it.

30 December, 2012

Home is the traveler

Woke up in the cold of MN this morning, where the temperature was about 1 degree Fahrenheit. We flew home and are now in MD, where it is cold, but not THAT cold.

It was a nice visit with the family, but tonight I am happy to be home where I can sleep in my own bed and hand out with my little dogs. Punkin didn't do so well while we were gone...she is still an anxious little girl and wasn't at all down with us leaving her with a pet sitter. Still, it was better than putting her in a kennel, where I think she would not have eaten at all.

Today was the penultimate day of the year, and tomorrow is the last day. I a working, and then getting together with some friends. I think I will spend some time coming up with some goals and plans for 2013 too.