30 January, 2012

Yoga Fail! Epic Fail.

Today I tried out a new yoga studio, about four minutes from my house. I had a groupon. It was something called warm power yoga, done by very fit, strong people who could kick my fat ass around the block- while still doing their yoga power breathing.

I could not finish the class. While trying to mash my forehead into my knee and staying in a lunge, I realized that something terrible was going to happen. I was either going to pass out or vomit. I was so dizzy and shaky that either was a real possibility. I slipped out, and lay down on a bench.

Then I left. I could not face the fit people. I am ashamed of how fat and weak I am. How's that for honest blogging?

I am down, but not out. I will go back to a less strenuous, shorter class. I'll shove my rolls of fat into yoga pants or a swimsuit and go to yoga and to swimming. But right now I am wallowing - just a little - in sadness and disappointment.

28 January, 2012

The lost week

Me in a head wrap that I did after watching a beautiful woman do one on the youtube. It looked way better on her, but I still like it.

 It was a long and tiring week as I was still trying to shake this aggravating cough and runny nose. I did not accomplish all that much, but it wasn't a wasted week either.

I went to see the nutritionist on Monday and miracle of miracles, I had lost over 10 pounds. She has a miracle scale that tells you everything from how much you weigh, to how much water and fat (and probably how much Awesome) you have in your body. I am still about half fat, but I'm 100% Awesome.

I went to yoga on Wednesday. Thomas also found a groupon for another yoga studio so I will be able to take a couple of classes a week about five minutes from the house. All good news.

I found a great website that I've been reading and looking at all week: Apartment Therapy . You should go there and look at all the pictures and plan your dream rooms.

Another site I found out about is Spoonflower, where you can have your own designed printed on different types of fabric. What a great idea! I want to design something (I have no idea what) and have my own fabric printed!

22 January, 2012

From my sick-bed

Still not feeling well. This cold is hanging on, I have a cough that is exhausting me. I slept most of yesterday.

18 January, 2012

She's not going to wear those yoga pants outside, is she?

This is a dog. A dog wearing chainmail.

This is a downward facing dog.

That's sort of yoga humor. I went to yoga class today not expecting much. I slept badly last night because of the coughing. I was tired and unenthused, but once I was there I threw myself into the spirit of the thing and stretched and lunged and did cat-cow movements with the rest of the class. I actually felt much better when it was over, tired but in a good way. The kind of good tired where you have done something.