07 January, 2012

You, sir, rock like a big rocking thing, with rocks in

Today I worked, really worked on my Italian Tiles quilt top. I have six of the eight rows sewn together. It took longer than I thought because of the rows of vertical sashing, they have to be lined up somewhat carefully. I am very pleased with the way this is turning out, I think it's going to be spectacular when quilted. I have it in mind to give to a special friend who has had a hard year.

Tomorrow, by hook or by crook, I am going to get those last two rows on and get this thing ready for the long-arm quilter.

A nice thing happened tonight. Let me start by saying that every year when the time comes to go to Thomas' office holiday party (which is always held in January) I feel a certain inner resistance. This year though, I just shut my mouth and went without indulging in any moaning about how I'd rather stay home. Thank goodness, because in a very pleasant surprise, his boss gave him a special award with a plaque, public acknowledgement that he is Awesome, and a good-sized check. He wasn't expecting it at all, and when they called his name he looked shocked, and then pleased. He was beaming with smiles all evening, and enjoyed it when many colleagues came up to congratulate him.I was tickled pink for him. Thomas works hard and does a good job because that is just the person he is. His company pays him well and treats him well, but this public attaboy really made him feel that he is appreciated. I think we all crave notice of our contributions.