04 January, 2012

Rambling woMan

I've been good about doing my 30 minutes of moving each day. Today I walked the dog AND went to a Gentle Yoga class after work. While I was not able to twist myself into a pretzel, I could do most of the poses with only minor adjustments. I could feel my muscles stretching and working while we held various positions, and I'm sure I will feel them more tomorrow.

Clemson is playing in the Orange Bowl tonight. I can't watch because we still don't have cable. I will check in online to see how they are doing. My toenails are painted orange, so I am representing for the home team. C.L.E.M.S.O.N.

Right now I am so tired that I think I'll turn in early tonight. I have a book that I'm excited about, so I want to get stuck into that.


  1. Maybe you can watch the game on the internet? I'm impressed with the yoga. I don't even stretch to bend over anymore...