11 January, 2012


I went swimming yesterday and then today I did yoga in the afternoon. I am not a natural athlete, in fact I am the opposite of that. What is the opposite of a natural athlete? A natural klutz? A natural sloth? I think I am probably both of those things, but swimming and yoga aren't bad, I don't have to be graceful, and so far neither has actually wounded me. Anyway, it gets me moving.

I went to the library on Sunday and got some books, but haven't had a minute to read since then. I've done a lot of quilting and going out to do things like quilt guild and home visits for the dog rescue. I'm working on finishing up the binding on another quilt and preparing for a weekend of fun.

This weekend I am going to a Christine Lavin concert with my friend Katy. On Saturday I am quilting all day at my guild's Come and Go Retreat. Rather than going out of town on retreat we are doing it local. Everyone stays in their own homes at night but we get together at the KofC hall to quilt!!! Good times.

Thomas is watching The King's Speech. I'm sort of watching along. What a good movie.

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