02 January, 2012

The dog got out, the very next day, thought she was a goner but she couldn't stay away

A picture of my sister's pain-in-the-ass dog. Her name is Miko and she's an interesting mixed breed dog. Some blue heeler in there probably. She is really a quiet, nice dog. Right up until she gets out of the house. It happened once this visit when the house door, mudroom door, and garage door were all left open at the same time. It took an hour to get her back in the house. All attempts to follow her just encourage her to run away like it's a game. She chases cars. She runs up the middle of the road. She runs into people's back yards and disappears. Finally we came inside, leaving the little girls out in the backyard. Once no one was chasing her, I guess it wasn't as fun, so she came into the (fenced) back yard through the open gate. One of them rushed over and closed the gate and Miko was trapped.
When a dog does that, runs off and comes back safe, two warring feelings start up inside you. You feel so glad that the dog is safe and are grateful she's back in one piece. And you would cheerfully strangle her with your bare hands for being such a butt head in the first place. I have experienced this with Ginger, my own Mistress of Distress.

Are you sure you don't want to let me out?

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  1. Bear is the same. He's in the neighbor's yards as quick as he can get there. And he knows he's doing wrong but does it anyway.