18 July, 2011

Three days of the Quilter

Friday Alice and I got to Emmittsburg a little after 8am and had plenty of time to settle into the class rooms. I took a class called Italian Tiles and managed to complete about 18 blocks of  the 80 I will need for the quilt. I finished cutting all my fabric on Sunday, sitting in Susan Grancio's classroom. Susan was kind enough to let me use a table as she helped her students work on their landscape quilts.

Saturday I took the best class - beginning beading. It was so fun. We did little sampler squares of a bunch of beading techniques, we "caged" cabochons, and then did a Peyote stitch to lock in another cabochon. Our $10 class fee got us a bunch of beads. I am inspired to design a small 6" x 6" block to practice some of the techniques we learned.

It was such a good time. In the evenings I went up to the suite of some friends and we hung out and ate snacks and drank a little wine and talked and laughed. Toni said she wasn't sure where to find us and I said she should have drifted down the hall listening for the sound of women shrieking with laughter. Toni spent a lot of her free time holed up with the new book from George R. R. Martin.

On Saturday my Jo-Ann's machine carrier gave up the ghost. The handle broke completely off, leading me mutter profanities under my breath. The rest of the weekend moving my stuff anywhere was a pain.

I came home tired but happy. I look forward to this weekend all year long. Being around a bunch of people who like the same thing you like, who want to learn, and share tips and tricks, I learn a lot every year while having fun. And you can't beat that with a stick.

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