11 July, 2011

Fresh food

I am on a roll, a food roll. Not a bread roll, but a raspberry roll. We picked over 5 lbs. of raspberriess and then I made:

a peach-raspberry crumble
a blueberry-raspberry pie
four beautiful pints of raspberry jam.

Went over to Toni's yesterday and we...jammed? We be jammin? Anyway, after about an hour of gentle cooking and stirring and stirring and cooking, we had jam. So pretty. Smelled so good. We tasted, and both agreed that I probably used too much sugar, but I don't care. I am Jam-Master Amanda.  Making a real food item out of ingredients you picked yourself is very satisfying.

I planted seeds in my raised bed yesterday too. I am getting a ridiculously late start and may not get much bounty from the garden this year, but we have three more months of hot/warm weather. I'll get something to eat out of it, I'm sure. I planted radishes, onions, squash, beets, and corn salad (mache).

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried boysenberries? They are delicious! I want to learn how to can applesauce. We'll have to get together now that you are an expert and can.