28 July, 2011

Goons and Quilts

After an absolutely foul day at work I came home all stompy and just as pissy as could be. A long walk with Ginger Bell helped work out some of my aggro, it's hard to remain angry about stupid work stuff when you are dying! Of hot! And don't forget an Xtra large helping of Sweaty!

And guess what I had waiting for me in a large box on the front steps? THREE quilts back from the long-arm quilter. I was so excited, they all three look good. As soon as I find some batteries for the digital camera, I will post pictures. The one for my Mom came out nice. It is large blocks of Moda Marbles with with a red backing. I find it interesting to make quilts with fabrics other people choose. The fabrics Mom chose are not what I would have ever picked for her, but she liked them. The same with the quilt I made my sister years agi was the same thing. She chose beautiful fabrics with a strong tomato red theme; never in a million years would I have thought she'd like them. When that quilt was finished it was very nice.

Quilt for my Sister and Brother-in-law
Then, when I started re-fretting about the situation at work, I slapped myself out of The Snits by putting my whole situation in perspective, something I often lack. I have a habit of working myself up into righteous indignation over things that, when you look at them clearly, just don't matter!

It's just a job. If I quit this one (or get fired) I can get another. I have dear friends who are facing real troubles, and the fact that I'm not married to my job just isn't in it.

I've got Radio 4 Extra on and am listening to the Goon Show. I don't get all the jokes, but it's hilarious anyway. My favorite is the little man who talks to "Min" all the time.


  1. It's Henry who talks to Min... And my all time favourite line is "Don't point that loaded dishcloth at me", and of course "He's fallen in the water..." and "Whatever happened to that nice cough you used to have?" Love it so much...

  2. A lot of their humor is obviously topical to the time and place they made the show, but somehow, even though I don't get the joke, the delivery itself is so funny that I am amused.