02 July, 2011

God bless and keep the Queen...far away from us

My friend Christine and I packed our cars with a bunch of stuff we wanted to get rid of and headed off to the Germantown flea market, which is held the first Saturday of every month.

We took her foster dog, Ayden, with us. He's a Spanador, a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Labrador retriever. What he really is, is the perfect dog. He's sweet, gentle, and very playful and friendly.

Did I mention that he is very handsome and has soft brown eyes too?

Flea marketing is so much fun. We each made some money, although not a lot. I think I came home with an extra $21 dollars, but the money really isn't the point. It's getting something for things we no longer want in our lives. I got rid of a window fan and a boom box that have been in my house for the entire 10 years we've lived here...the fan has never been used here, and the boom box has been hidden away for the last 7 or 8 years. Sold a bunch of CDs and DVDs as well as some games we don't play.

The second best thing about the flea market is the people! Humanity of all sizes, shapes, and cultures came past for our viewing pleasure. Some of them stopped to peruse our wares and speak to us. Many came to admire Ayden and make sure Christine was keeping him hydrated (dog people never hesitate to put their noses in other people's bidness).

On the way home I pulled in at Larriland Farms and picked some black raspberries. I really wanted blackberries too, but they won't be available until next Saturday. Thomas loves raspberries, so fresh berries were my gift to him. We ate them immediately with vanilla ice cream and they were delicious. I'm trying to talk him into going back next week, for the blackberries. They also are picking blueberries right now. Did you ever think that some of our names for fruit are not very imaginative? Orange. Blueberry. Blackberry.  We just name them after the colors. I'm surprised a banana is not called a Yellow. 

I've finally been doing some serious reading these past couple of weeks. Seems like my concentration is getting better. My non-fiction book for June was Martin Kihn's Bad Dog: A Love Story. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like dogs, I recommend it.

I heard on NPR yesterday that in a poll, 1 out of 4 Americans aren't sure what the 4th of July is celebrating. They mostly think it's National Have a Cookout Day. Some equally ridiculous number don't know that we are celebrating our Independence from Great Britain. It is to weep. While it may not be necessary to know these things to live a good life, it seems like as Americans we all ought to have a basic outline of our history, and the Reva-what-lutionary War is a pretty important first chapter in the story of the USA.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day to all of you. Enjoy your cookouts, your fireworks, and whatever else you do to celebrate that we are not citizens of the UK.

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