26 June, 2011

Odds and ends

Listening to Lord Peter Wimsey on BBC 4, and I love him, but as voiced by Ian Carmichael, he sounds like England's gayest upper-class twit.

I went to my spiritual home yesterday and paid my fines and got an arm-full of good reads. My non-fiction selection for June is a book called "Bad Dog: A Love Story." So far, it's good, although the author has said several times that whatever is right/wrong with your dogs reflects what is wrong with you. Looking at the Cockers, that is hard on my ego. Dru is hostile and Jake is a bit dim...what does that say about me? The truth is painful.

Today was our minister's last day at Grace. He is retiring, and of course his last service was a big celebration of his years in the ministry. He told a funny story about when he first met his wife, and for the first time I thought of him as a young man meeting a pretty young woman...a whole new way of looking at someone who seems to have been born sedate and scholastic.

Thomas and I are cleaning out the house looking for things to take to a flea market. I am on my latest "this house is driving me crazy" decluttering jag. We've actually got a nice lot of things gathered already, and I am casting a cool eye on all my possessions. I am going to the flea mkt. with my friend Christine and her dogs. Tanner and Dutch are great flea mkt dogs, Tanner never met a person he doesn't like, and Dutch is so beautiful everyone wants to look closer.

That's Dutch on the left and Tanner on the right.

Now getting excited about MAQ, only a few weeks until I head off for a weekend of quilting fun.

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