20 June, 2011

So they packed up their things and they moved to Colorado...

Colorado, I already miss you and I've only been home one day.

How is it that everyone in the country hasn't moved to Colorado already? For the warm weather months, anyway, I hear things get pretty cold and snowy up there in winter. CO is my dream state, there was no humidity, there were no mosquitoes, the nights were cool, and the rain fell gently out of a half blue, half cloudy sky, and then moved on.

We walked or hiked, we rafted the Colorado River, we made crafts, we went to a hymn sing, some of us rode horses, we ate delicious food, we walked around a beautiful lake and watched people fish. We learned about the Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Y of the Rockies. We went to the museum of the Y of the Rockies and learned about the history of hiking and Y-ing in Colorado.

It wasn't all Nirvana, after all, I was there with my blood relations, and you know how that goes. But mostly we had fun and we had relaxation.

I'm still trying to figure out why I came home to a job I am meh about and weather I have a hate on. The only things I could come up with were: friends, dogs, my own bed. And when you get down to it, those are three pretty good things.

(I still think I want to move to Colorado.)


  1. I agree. I dream of a world that lets me go outside in summer...

  2. I miss it every day, a little piece of me is always there. Thinking about you in Estes Park made me miss it even more.

  3. We're waiting to go ourselves. I don't think BJ has ever recovered from moving back to MD after living in CO.
    Regarding an older post, I sympathize with your recent disappointment and am sorry to be a part of it. Our movie date needs to be made up to lessen the disappointment for both of us.

  4. Can you believe I FINALLY figured this thing out?!

  5. Woo hoo, she posts, she scores, she joins the Century of the Fruitbat!