24 June, 2011

How do I love thee? Will I need all ten fingers to count the ways?

O Friday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love you with my whole heart, because right now I have the whole weekend  ahead of me, and it's a firm belief of mine that anticipation makes all things better.

I love you because I had dinner with Thomas, Andy, and Jim, and each of us had 1/2 pitcher of the best white wine sangria ever. So yummy, like Jimmy Buffett said, "What we don't drink, I'm gonna pour on ya!" I love you for such good friends who tell funny stories and make me laugh.

I love you for the delicious Cobb salad that I ate and the best gazpacho. I think the fact that I had all that wine is completely offset by the healthy fruit juice in the sangria, a salad and what is basically a bowl full of whirled up veggies.

I love you because I get paid on you, Friday, and the appreciation I get with the paycheck is the appreciation that matters the most.

I love you for the depth of the massage I had this evening, which released knots of tension from my shoulders. That tension is there all the time and I am used to it, but the few days after a massage when it's not there, aaaaaaah.

I love you because I can sit up late and play on the internets and re-read old Andre Norton books into the wee hours without guilt.

I love thee because today you were warm and the humidity was low, and we sat out on the restaurant roof and it was delightful.

I love you becaue Christina posted something from the Bloggess, and now I have a hilarious new website to hit when I need a laugh. The five foot chicken! Weeping with laughter.

Most of all I love you because it was a beautiful day to be alive.

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