22 June, 2011

Start your summer reading!

Y'all, y'all, if you haven't read them yet, you need to go get Sophie Littlefield's first two books in the Stella Hardesty mystery series. They are great, intriguing, with a lot of humor, and Stella has...how shall we say it? After a lifetime of putting up with crap no woman should have to put up with...Stella now has grit. And some handcuffs, and guns and a veeerrryyy low tolerance for men doing bad things to women. And she has a sorta romance going on with the Sheriff, which is sort of funny when you consider that they both stand for truth (sorta), justice (as they see it) and the American way...they just approach truth and justice from different sides.

So get A Bad Day for Sorry and A Bad Day for Pretty, and once you are caught up, you can read the new book, A Bad Day for Scandal. I enjoyed A Bad Day for Sorry so much that I wrote the author a letter telling her Yay! Good Book! and she wrote me a nice note back. She's a good writer and has proper Southern manners.

Janet Evanovich has a new book out, but I don't know the name. It will be funny, whatever it is.

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