23 June, 2011

Slicing through the water like a hot knife through butter

That's not exactly how I swim, but I like the imagery. I swim more like the famous "sea cow," the manatee, which moves slowly and somewhat sedately through the water. I have some issues and am not overfond of putting my face under the water, so I do a mean dog-paddle. I can also do a backstroke that is not completely embarrassing.

Thomas swims all professional-like, face in water, goggles on, plowing through the water in recognizable strokes. I like watching him do the butterfly stroke, it's so dramatic when the arms come out, over and (whomp!) down in the water.

We went swimming at 8 tonight after the children's swim classes were over. We were in the couple of lap lanes available and the rest of the pool was filled with people doing a water fitness workout, which looked like a lot of fun. I might sign up next session.

Finally I can post something about my work that isn't "work is boring." Most of this week I've been fairly busy. Most of the busy is coming from the fact that no one follows any of the processes we've set up...they just come to me and ask me to help them fix things or fill out forms for them or whatever. Which is okay by me. I was told by one person, "Processes are important, but right now there are more important priorities." For just a teeny moment I had a strong impulse to punch my co-worker in the nose, but it passed, and I just said "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

Anyway, busy is good and the days fly by.

Maybe the vacation had some positive effects on my mood and health, since I've felt better since the vacation. I think one thing that happened was that while we were in CO, we ate three meals a day, with the occasional snack. It was a lot less food than the continuous eating/snacking/grazing I was doing before we left. No joke y'all, I was eating as if I was eating for two. Me and my butt, I guess.  There was something ickily compulsive about it. Didn't do that in CO, and so far haven't felt the impulse since I got back.

Tuesday night we had some awesome sprouts with our leftover sweet and sour chicken. Tonight we did broiled mushrooms and grilled squash. This is the time of the year when fresh veggies appeal to me more than they do at any other time. This stuff is fresh and has great flavor.

We shop at the produce market up on Reisterstown Rd.; the one that I am convinced is a front for the Russian Mafia. Two or three guys watch everything that goes on as they pretend to "stack fruit," while women named Irina, Olga, and Dasha ring you up, without ever meeting your eyes or smiling. They are
Slavic Robot Cashiers. I am sure the men are watching to make sure you don't pick up the "special" drug filled celery root that is waiting for the courier. Or the watermelon filled with cash.

I'm telling you people, there is no reason at all for life to be boring, if you have any imagination at all!

The market also stocks all kinds of Russian and Eastern European products that I love to look at. There are fruit nectars and syrups of all kinds, black bread, and candies that are strange and interesting. The canned and jarred products intrigue me. I have no idea what they hold, since I don't read Cyrillic and can't always tell what the pictures are. They are "tan things in water" or "red things in syrup." Maybe the red things are cherries, spiced crab apples, or maybe they are pickled beets - only the Russians know!

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  1. I don't put my face in the water anymore either. It's mostly because I can already see so little that I can't bear seeing even less.