05 July, 2011

What does drinking, grilling, and blowing stuff up have to do with Independence Day?

I guess it's because as Americans, we are freeeeeee to celebrate however we damnwell want. Throwing large chunks of meat on a grill, drinking the keg dry, and setting off explosions are part of our cultural heritage.

We had our big July 4th celebration on July 3rd, we're always ahead of the curve. We went to Jim and Andy's for a spectacular meal: burgers or brats, grilled vegetables (they were divine, I think I saw some of the asparagus wearing halos), a spinach salad, deviled eggs, and potato salad.

One of the guests was the young boyfriend of our friend Chuck's daughter. He was right behind me in line, and he pointed to the deviled eggs and asked "what are those?" which brought the whole table to a halt. Obviously HE wasn't brought up a Methodist, and honestly, we were all a bit stunned. Not liking stuffed eggs would be okay, but not knowing what they are? Impossible! Inconceivable!

When Thomas and I got home, well fed and awash in frozen margaritas, we took the puppers for a walk. Ginger is the one that really needs these late night walks, since The Little Princess won't potty in the yard if she can help it. Sadly, she couldn't potty on the walk either because dozens of our neighbors were lighting fireworks in their back yards, and she was frozen in terror. The one time when we thought she was going to come through for us, someone nearby set something off that sounded like a gun firing directly at us, and we all conceded defeat. She was so tight-assed with fear, that if she had managed to go, she'd have pooped diamonds.

Yesterday was a pretty day, but dang, the humidity was set at "Sauna" and our morning walk felt like pushing through the jungles of Borneo. We went to see the movie Super 8 with George. It was cute. The young actor who played Joe, the hero, is cute as a button. I also loved the movie because it's set in the years of my childhood and the music was near and dear to my heart. All the clothes and hair and tv/radio you saw/heard in the background took me back to the year I got the single "My Sharona" and played it INCESSANTLY for weeks.

It was a good three day weekend. The only way it could have been better is if it was a FOUR day weekend.

Now it's Tuesday night and we are sitting here watching The Lower Depths, a not very cheerful Kurosawa film.  So far it's about a bunch of miserably poor people living in a broken down tenement in a trash heap. However, it does feature a young and handsome Toshiro Mifune, and that never goes amiss.

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