09 July, 2011

So much for Saturday as a day of rest

The first thing I would like to say is that we should all be grateful to the people around the world who work hard to plant and harvest the food we eat. Considering how hard they work, they ought to be paid more.  Also! Be grateful for how cheap food is in this country. We are so blessed!

All this is by way of saying that Thomas and I picked raspberries today for about 90 minutes. We were hot and sweaty, our backs ached, but we felt very proud of ourselves. Then I tried to extrapolate how exhausting it would be to pick raspberries for 12 hours a day, or harvest lettuce, or carrots, or all the other yummy vegetables we get to eat all year long. Thank you farmers and farm workers.

Then we came home to find that Jake had been very ill in our absence. Poor, poor baby. Monday I want them to see him, to give him an x-ray or something. I am worried that he may have cancer. He's losing weight while eating ravenously, like he can never get enough food. Then he gets tummy trouble. It's worrying.

We spent the rest of this afternoon building a raised bed. We bought the kit online and assembled it ourselves, and it looks good. It is 3 feet x 6 feet x 16 inches. As soon as we get the top edging boards on I will post a picture. I also want to post how proud I am to have such a hard working husband. He leveled an area for the bed, built a brick footing for it, lined it with mesh so evil little rodents can't tunnel in, and shoveled  a metric assload of soil to fill it. I helped a little, but he did the yeoman's share. Thomas, I salute you.

We came home from Larriland Farms with 5 lbs. of raspberries, a pint of blueberries, a pint of  blackberries, a basket of peaches, two kinds of squash, and a quart of cherries. The cherries have already been eaten. Tonight I am making peach/blackberry pie, raspberry pie, and some raspberry jam. I got the recipe for the jam from that book I read, A Feast Nearby.

Now, I must go. Poor Fat Baby looks like he's thinking about peeing on the floor.

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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to kids getting the summer 'off' to bring in the harvest. Bet they'd rather have stayed at school!