12 April, 2012

First Him Then Me Still Me Now Him Again

All last week Thomas had a tickly sort of feeling he was getting a cold, but nothing much materialized. Then I got a for real cold, followed by an ear that is completely blocked up and painful. It is feeling better, but I am still poorly, and now Thomas has a full-blown case of "the lurgie" (as my friend Sam calls it).

Welcome to Plague House!

In the past week I have been watching all kinds of series on Netflix. We watched Life with D. Lewis. I watched all of Father Brown from back in the 70s and a series of Tommy and Tuppence from back when Francesca Annis was just a Young Thing.

Now we are back to season 3 of Murdoch. I love this show. Yannick Bisson is the handsome, Crabtree is sweetly appealing, and I've always had a thing for red-headed Englishmen, so I like the Captain too. But really, I think the prettiest thing about the show is the beautiful Helene Joy, who plays the Doctor, William's coroner inamorata. She's red headed and freckled, and I swear, when she appears on screen you can hear angelic choirs singing "AAAAAAAaaaaaah," while faeries drop pixie dust on her beautiful skin and hair.

Anyway, the show is also very funny.

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