21 April, 2012

Listen to the music of the pouring rain

Yesterday after work and dog walking, I went to my second yoga nidra evening. Toni went along for her second round of yoga nidra in one day. She's working on getting extra meditative!

At this studio, the way the teacher, Vicki, handles yoga nidra is that first she has you do a round of gentle yoga, and then you settle down on a stack of mats and blankets, with whatever props you need, and you do aobut 40-45 minutes of the meditation. Well, last night our gentle yoga turned into something a little more strenuous than I was expecting. She threw something called a Moon Salutation there at the end which I just could not do. At one point I lost my balance and tumped over. Luckily, I fell from sort of a crouching position and directly onto my bolster! Lucky that, because injuring yourself at a mediation evening would not be in the spirit of the thing!

Today I mailed two quilts off to the long arm quilter.  I also washed some dishes, took a long nap, helped Thomas clean up in the yard some, clipped Dru a little, ate a hamburger, and spent an hour at the bookstore. Now I am home, wishing my ear would clear up, and listening to the rain outside in my muffled way. The earth needs this rain very badly. I heard on the radio that our area gets an average of 20 inches of rain per winter and we've gotten 2 this year. Not a good thing, so all moisture welcomed and appreciated!

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