15 April, 2012

The Soup Diet

Today was a supremely lazy day. We didn't leave home. We sat in the back yard reading books and taking naps and hanging out. We also wrote a large check to the guy who is going to be doing our landscaping work in a few weeks. Wooh, writing those big checks is traumatic. Unlike things which are easy come-easy go, money is so hard to come by, but goes out so quickly!

Yesterday a Good Elf brought my poor sick husband some soup! Thanks Toni, he needs someone to be nice to him, which I haven't been doing a very good job of lately. He said it was good soup!

Speaking of soup, Crystal Thai, up the road, makes the best Tom Yung Gai. I have started to crave it once a week. Maybe in the summer I will quit cooking entirely and only eat the tom yung gai from there and the gazpacho from Mari Luna. Just those two soups would give me everything I need: chicken, vegetables, delicious spiciness, yummy limey goodness. Darn, my mouth is watering!

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