16 April, 2012

Monday is a terrible way to spend 1/7th of your life

Back to Work today. We got along okay today, Work and I, though there is still this low key tension between us. I think Work knows that even when I am there I am not really there, that I am looking at other Works and thinking about them even when I am with Work. I'm not proud of that, but I am the kind of woman  who doesn't have it in her to remain faithful to one Work. I like variety.

Does anyone know a private detective who wants a secretary? I've decided I might make a good Effie Perrine. I see myself wearing smart gray suits with pumps, and having a small black bird statuette on the corner of my desk. I'd keep a large glass ashtray in the office and crack wise with the customers.

Or perhaps I may take up dog walking. I like dogs! I like walking. Being a professional stroller might help me drop more of my avoirdupois as well. I could wear jeans all the time, which sounds good.

Other careers that appeal are baker (love baking!) or working for a wine distributor. Probably neither of those is a great idea, I don't need to hang around too many baked goods and I'm more interested in drinking vino than distributing it.

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