18 April, 2012

Somewhere under all this fat I have a muscle!

I had a teeny tiny little bit of realization (a Revalation-ette?) at yoga today. While still very much a Large Fat Person, I have increased my fitness level noticably in the past 4.5 months. Things that I was Not Able to do in January are Do-able now. Yoga positions that left me trembling and weak-kneed in February are still challenging, but no longer wipe me out.

There is a bit less of me these days, and that's gotta help, but also (please picture me running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum while a cheesy 80s band wails "Gotta Fly Now") I am stronger! A reasonably fit high school kid could still kick my ass, but I could probably take your 80 year old grandma. Not that I would though, because, duh, I'm doing YOGA...and I don't want to mess my chakras up or ruin my karma or anything like that. I'm sure violence against old ladies would be anti-the-spirit-of-yoga.

In other news, I just re-read Alice Hoffman's Seventh Heaven and Ice Queen. I am in a Hoffman-esque mood. I still have White Horses to get through too. I also read Sandra Dallas' latest, Whiter Than Snow. It was good, but dang, also sad. It tells the story of a bunch of people in a small mining town in CO in about 1920. Each chapter covers the sad lives and history of a bunch of people whose kids have been swept up in an avalanche. You know nine kids are missing and only four of them are going to be found. So from the git-go you are trying to figure out which sad people are going to have even MORE sadness added to their already full plate of sadness. I like Sandra Dallas, but think that if you haven't read something by her, start with The Persian Pickle Club or Prayers for Sale for a less wrenching introduction to a fine Western writer.

Monday it was 90 degrees here in Maryland, and Thomas and I slept with the ceiling fan going. Today it is about 50 and rainy and my feet are cold to the bone and I'm ready for the weather to settle into something warm and balmy. I want my month of perfect spring before the humidity shows up.

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