24 April, 2012

White Horses and Air Logic

I'm reading White Horses, one of the few Alice Hoffman novels I have not yet read. So far I am finding it depressing, but am holding out hope that it will get better. Even when her subject matter is sad, that woman writes beautifully.

I'm also re-reading Laurie J. Marks first three Shaftal books. I sure wish her last book in the series - Air Logic - would come out! Laurie J. Marks and Rosemary Kirstein are both making me wait for YEARS for their latest. Darn it! If you want to read some thinking person's fantasies, I recommend both of these writers.

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  1. I did read Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman but can't say I loved it. Maybe I'm cold and unfeeling… (Get it?) Am reading The Magicians and lurving it!