13 April, 2012

Guess who is married to The Sickest Man?

Tonight I read John Green's new book, The Fault In Our Stars. For the final half hour it took me to complete it I had tears streaming down my face and soaking into my shirt. It was so good, funny, and sad, and full of all kinds of wisdom about death and living, and I enjoyed it. Not as much as I loved An Abundance of Katherines, but very, very much. With TFIOS, John Green goes back to the tragicomic style he used in his first novel, Looking For Alaska, with teenagers struggling with the big questions:

Why are we here?

What is the meaning of life and death?

Why do we suffer?

What will I leave behind me when I go?

I am all dehydrated from the crying, but I actually feel better than I did when I came home from work with a huge case of the grumpies. I got home to find the dogs hungry and dying for a pee while Thomas was upstairs watching tv and having his cold *cof, cof*

I sympathize with his not feeling well and not wanting to give them a proper walk, but he couldn't even be arsed to go downstairs, feed them and put them in the yard?

There is also the fact that although it is the Ides of April and our taxes are NOT filed. They are done in the computer and it would only take a little to file them but Thomas isn't ready to let them go. I truly do not understand where his mind is when it comes to the taxes...we finished them a month ago but he wanted "to look them over again," and now it is almost tax day and they aren't filed. And now he is the Sickest Man on Earth and was Too Tired and Sick to punch the keys it would have taken to file them today.

Right now, I am thinking about spitting in his next cup of peppermint tea. 

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  1. Next year, why don't you do the taxes? That way you can threaten him with a lower deduction...