27 March, 2012

Some quilts

The Italian Tiles quilt I started at MAQ and finished this winter. It's at the long arm quilter right now.
I made this for my brother-in-law, Wilson. As soon as the backing fabric comes in I am going to send it off to be quilted.

A t-shirt quilt for my friend - made from some of ber brother Sam's favorite shirts.

Making this quilt was actually fun. I wonder if anyone would pay me to make these?


  1. You are cruising along on your UFO pile. They all look amazing!

  2. I agree with CC. They look wonderful. They're all such different quilts but each one is fabulous!

  3. I am so impressed. Your quilts are beautiful!

  4. I would pay you for a quilt! I want an single Irish chain in blue and white or blue and white.