17 March, 2012

Our cookies crush the spirits of our competition

This week was deadly dull at work, but the rest of the hours were just jam-packed with goodness.

Yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday were awesome. I enjoy them so much. Finally, an exercise that doesn't make me feel like the most uncoordinated goofball on the face of the planet. Thank goodness that back in the day in India, some yogi didn't say to himself, "You know what would make yoga really great? Forming yoga teams and hitting a ball with a stick or kicking it with our feet while we do our back bends and inversions. That would bring a whole new level to yoga!"

Dinner with Toni on Wednesday. Good times and interesting conversation. Going to Ignite Baltimore on Thursday with Greg and running into several people I knew there. We heard 12 five minute talks/performances, and got to eat some free snacks and have a free Natty Boh. I suppose the $6 price of the ticket probably paid for the beer, and the cheese cubes and fruit, but it felt free. So much fun.

Last night nicely rounded out the week of delicious post-work goodness. We went to Jim and Andy's for Five Guys burgers and an evening of baking. To be clear, Jim and I baked while Thomas and Andy watched Flash Gordon (Flash! Dah dah! Savior of the Universe! - Freddy Mercury, the world misses you!) on the cable on demand.

We baked three batches of chocolate cupcakes. We made a double batch of Irish Potato Candy. Have you ever had these? They are horrible and delicious. Horrible, because they are made of nothing but fat and sugar (ingredient list: butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, shredded coconut, cinnamon), and delicious, because, well, because they are. You make little balls of sugar and fat and coconut, roll them in the cinnamon, shape them into lumpy potato-esque shapes, and they really look like small, dusty potatoes. Cute and tasty.

We were all ready to make three batches of dough for our Irish flag cookies, but had to stop after only one because we ran out of vanilla. Dammit. I go back today for Baking Two: Electric Boogaloo. We have to make the rest of the Irish flag cookie dough, make as many sugar cookies as we can roll out, and then frost our cupcakes with chocolate and creme de methe icing. Jim and I have a philosopy of making refreshements for church coffee hour: Shock and Awe. It's not just providing cookies, it's a chance to show our baking superiority and crush the competition.


  1. Freddie would have said, "Saviour of the Universe." ;)

  2. But shockingly, they sound JUST the same.

  3. The creme de menthe icing has been calling to me.