09 March, 2012

I want to rock and roll all night and pa...really, I want to hang out at home, work on a quilt, and listen to BBC4 Radio

If you had told 25 year old me that just 20-something short years later my idea of a good Friday night would involve patchwork and internet radio, I'd have said, "what's the internet?" But once we got over that hurdle I would have scoffed and pointed out that "staying in and quilting and listening to the radio is what old people do."

That's it, isn't it? I am old. Old and sedate. One weekend I run around eating hamburgers at 5 Guys on a Friday night and the next week I need to take an entire night off to do nothing more strenuous than cut 2" strips of fabric. Just pass the Geritol and shut up.

Thomas is working late tonight, so it's just me and the dogs. We are ALL old, so they are cool with these plans. Besides, they think I need to quit talking about finishing UFOs and just finish them. Happily, I am making strides on the quilt for my nice brother-in-law. Once I get the blocks put together with sashing, I am going to slap two or three borders on to beef it up some, and get it out the door to the longarmer.

Next weekend I have something amazing and fun to look forward to - quilt retreat at West River! And 25 year old me can just shut the hell up, a weekend of quilting is too fun! No cooking, cleaning, or family responsibilities - just two days devoted to working on a memorial quilt for Sam Folk for his family. They've sent me dozens of his old t-shirts for a quilt.


  1. I would love to see pictures of both the brother-in-law and the memorial quilt… Get sewing old lady!

  2. I almost called you to come over and sew, but I thought it was such a boring offer. Who is in charge of West River this year, I might call and see if I can just come for Saturday day. The kids and I have the same plans for tonight if you want to join us. We might watch Schindler's List.

  3. Can't wait to see what you've been quilting. Lately, I've been thinking about asking you if you would be interested in selling one of your quilts to me! I want a blue and white quilt so badly. Also, a red and white Irish Chain with one green square would be a wonderful replacement for the one left to me by my great granny. Didn't survive my college years. Did I mention that a crazy quilt is my favorite. Oooh! And there is a pattern called Log Cabin that makes my heart pitter pat...and...
    When will I get to see you?