06 March, 2012

Are you just going to play Guitar Hero all weekend?

On Friday night I went with several friends to the opening of a quilt show at the Cylburn Arboretum. Most of the quilts were made by people I know from guild. It was a small show, fewer than 40 quilts, and all of them were very nice. We had some nibbles and infinitesimally tiny plastic cups of wine to go along with our quilterly conversation.

Did you know that a recommended serving size of wine is 5 oz.? Am I the only one who thinks that is small? Five ounces is barely enough to moisten my mouth. In my world, wine would be served in Big Gulp sizes, like Slurpees. At home I often serve it in water or juice glasses, because I am klassy with a capital “K”. I have heard that it is possible to get an entire 750 ml bottle of wine in one of the new Largissimo* cups they have at Fivebucks Coffee. I haven’t tried it yet, but it could happen.

Since I am exposing my general Lack o’Class, I might as well also admit that I think all those different size and shape wineglasses that the China and Crystal Industrial Machine tells us we need - they are pretty and all, but the idea that one needs “specially shaped” glasses to make wine taste right, I call bullshit. I have drunk wine out of Reidl and out of jelly glasses, and it all tastes the same. Admittedly, it feels more special to get out the purty glasses, but if all you have is a red plastic solo cup, that’ll do ya.

Anyway, enough about wine delivery systems, back to my awesome weekend. So, after our quilts, tiny wines, and nibbles, Chris, Toni, and I went to Five Guys for burgers, fries, and cokes. We hung out there until almost 10 pm, drinking refills and talking and laughing. Except for the fine lines around our eyes, we were practically indistinguishable from the high school and college kids hanging out there. I am going to keep believing that if I have to stuff my fingers in my ears and say “lalalalala I can’t hear you” to drown out the sound of your scornful laughter.

Saturday Thomas and I went to the Maryland Home and Garden Show at the fairgrounds. I love the H&G show. Lurve it. I love the gardens they build indoors. I love all the people selling landscaping, waterproof basements, magic brooms, and replacement windows. I love all the ideas for things to do in the house and yard. I love the people watching. At one point we split up and he walked around while I plunked myself into one of the seats they sprinkle everywhere and just watched the parade of humanity. I noticed:

  • Most people from age 3-83 were wearing jeans and white tennis shoes.
  • Americans really are trending towards the Super Size
  • Dunlap disease (his belly done lapped over his belt) is rampant
  • Once a woman gets to a certain age, she needs to not wear her long, stick straight hair just hanging there. She needs to pull it back or put it up somehow or it’s awfully aging.
  • Many people were there with elderly parents, and it was sweet to see how they were carefully guiding them around, finding them places to rest, and generally honoring the Fifth Commandment!
  • Some people had paid $10 to come in and walk around with a grumpy look/scowl on their faces. Not a good look. Note to self: try to maintain pleasant look as the all-purpose scowl is unattractive.
  • Children do not much like the Home and Garden show, except for two things. They like the candy everyone puts out on their tables, and they liked the Hobbit Garden, complete with round-doored Hobbit House. And they also liked any and all water features. Otherwise the kids I saw looked bored and frustrated.

Thomas and I have so many ideas for things we want to do in the house and yard. We got lots of business cards and brochures, and have been talking since Saturday about what our priorities are.

My priorities right now are:
Adding some hardscaping (a water feature?) to the backyard
Creating beds and adding plants to the back yard
Landscaping the front yard
Having the basement floor finished in some way

Thomas was more interested in:
Having the backyard graded so it’s smooth (I have no idea why.)
Adding plant material
Basement floor
Having an All Seasons room added to the house. (I think that’s a great idea too, but it’s not a priority. That’s something for after the house is paid off!)

We went out to eat Indian food with Jim and Andy on Saturday evening. Andy and I ate our food and enjoyed it. Jim wasn’t crazy about it. Thomas ate so much he nearly exploded. Later, he looked blearily at me and asked if I thought there was something wrong with the meal. I had to tell him that there was nothing wrong with the food, but you aren’t meant to eat that much at any one sitting. He was like a python that has eaten a large animal, like a cow… his body was using all its energy to digest the mountain of food.

Sunday we did church, lunch at the Crackpot (meh) followed by a nap, a massage, and back to church for a program about Lenten Themes in the Movies. A good day, very relaxing and restful.

Thomas finally said today that we will do the taxes this weekend. Woot!


  1. I once again dropped my taxes off at my very nice accountants office.

  2. Every year I am tempted to gather up the tax forms and sneak them to an accountant...but it seems my lot in life to do my own damn taxes.

    We had a busy weekend, but nice. Good times.