29 April, 2011

Pictures, Pictures who need Pictures, are the luckiest Pictures in the Wooooooorrrrrllld

 You can see Dru in all his fluffy-footed glory here. He looks like a golden bear with huge feet, when really he's getting sort of skinny in his old age.
 Jake was staring moonily into the camera when Dru blundered into him just as I snapped the pic.See how nicely trimmed Jake's visible foot is? The vet did that when she was seeing him for his eye infection.
 First page on my art journal. The princess used to be a boy advertising some kind of couture watches.
 A detail of the Storm at Sea quilt I started year and years and years ago. I finally finished it. The Storm at Sea class was taught by Kim Jalette at a class for our guild. She still teaches at Seminole Sampler, and I think she's teaching again at MAQ this summer. She's a good teacher, very organized and easy to understand.
 Detail of quilt I made for my Mom. The first time I've used a lot of batiks. I really like them. I actually made a two sided quilt, the other side is a bunch of Moda marbles my mom chose. I have to send these off to be quilted. I'm having both of them done (this one and the Storm at Sea) at the place Toni uses, just to try someone new.
That baby quilt I made with the Tiny Turning Twenty pattern and a bunch of fat quarters. It's hanging off my iron.

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  1. Shallow me. I love looking at other people's pictures. Can I just say that the Storm at Sea quilt is exactly the way it should be...