01 May, 2011

Welcome to the juuungle, it' gets greener here every day.

 The picnic table on our patio. We cleaned up the patio on Saturday and brought out all the chairs, and the cheerfully red umbrella my parents bought us two years ago. You can see a bunch of the plants we got on Saturday at the plant nursery in Davidsonville.
 A close up view of the previous picture. That is three Hosta 'Francine', a Dixie fern, a Heuchera, and Tiarella. All shade tolerant plants to go in shady places around our back yard.

 Corner shade bed that is taking off nicely. One of the Hosta 'Francine' will be taking up residence here.
 A new shade bed we started last year. Already home to about five hosta. Most of the new plants will be fit in here, and we will edge the bed, extending it out a couple of feet.
A potted geranium, purchased this weekend.  It likes sun, so it will be on the patio. We will get more annuals in the coming weekends.

Saturday was wonderful. We went to Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville with Jim and Andy, and Thomas and I were serious plant purchasers. I got all the stuff you see above, five African Daisies of various colors, and several packets of seeds.

While Thomas weed whacked most of the yard (we have got to get that mower out and into service) I potted up some of the new stuff and figured out where to plant the rest. We all (including the dogs) spent most of the day outside. I got out the dog combs and brushes and spent a while currying Ginger. That dog is a hair farmer! I got enough reddish dog hair from her to make a small dog, perhaps a 2 month old Chihuahua.

See that Ginger? She's standing right next to the Hosta 'Sum and Substance' - which is the largest Hosta we will have in the yard. Ginger is not sure what she thinks about the great big plant. The chair she's standing behind is a low reclining chair - Ginger's favorite place to hang out on the patio, she trots out there, hops up and reclines where she can watch the squirrels and birds.

Today, it rained.

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  1. Looks like you'll have a nice garden set up for the summer. I liked your title, because it's greener here too - but that's mostly due to the rain & flood waters! ;)