16 May, 2011

Does this cookie make me look a little bit gay?

We had a hilarious discussion yesterday at a church dinner I attended. I was talking about baking with my Best Cookie Friend and mentioned that I had been reading my King Arthur Flour Company Cookie Companion book. Just....reading it, with no immediate intention of actual baking, since I'd just made Nigella Lawson's basic sponge cake (which was delish, if I do say so).

BCF said, "I have to bake for coffee hour next Sunday. I was thinking of baking Earl Gray cookies, that seems like a gay cookie to me." Whereupon I burst out laughing and offered my own suggestion for gay cookies - a recipe for Lavender brownies I just read about.

Seems that next week the LGBT group at our church is doing Coffee Hour. We enjoyed coming up with a list of candy, cake, and cookies that would be LGBT appropriate.

Here is a picture of a cookie we made for Halloween. Boo!


  1. I vote for the lavendar brownies as being more gay than Earl Grey. I'm not sure what is so gay about Early Grey... But a lavendar brownie is such a wealth of euphemisms...

  2. Well, Earl Grey tea is generally considered, in this country, to be a "girly" tea - because of how scented it is I guess (JUST guessing, I don't understand how tea could be masculine/feminine). So maybe Earl Grey cookies would be girly/gay.

    Since it was a gay man who said it, I am willing to let him be the arbiter of what is gay! But I agree with you about the brownies. The only thing that could be more heavily weighted with the gay would be lavender fudge!