13 May, 2011

Today was hard for the Triskadekaphobics

I am not afraid of the number 13, the 13th floor, or Friday the 13th. Today, a Friday the 13th, was actually a calm, quiet day.

My friend Samantha, she of the two spinning wheels, sent me a link to her photo album that covers the week long spinning class she took in the Hill Country in Texas. It looked like they had a great time. I do not particularly want to learn to spin, but somehow I wish I had been at the class and learned to dye wool, and been able to sit around with other crafty women and practice an anachronistic craft like spinning, and knitting for that matter.

I talked to my cousin Matt last night and we tossed around the idea of me visiting him next April and taking a Hill Country trip. Several of my Graham cousins (my Dad's first cousins) live there. Matt says April there is just beautiful with all the blue bonnets and other wild flowers blooming.

Deana, my friend and former bookstore supervisor, gave Thomas and I a wheelbarrow full of plants from her garden. We got Euphorbia, ferns, forget-me-nots, mayapple, brunnera, and some of those colored hellebores (as compared to the green ones I already have). All things that will do well in shade or part shade.

I am fortunate to have such a generous friend, and to have a husband with a strong back who will dig as many holes as I need. Thomas doesn't care much about plant material, but he is happy to plant what I choose.

This week I broke my No-New-Fabric vow and ordered some quilting fabric I suddenly just had to have. Not sure why, but it has inspired me to get back to my sewing machine.

I am doing a CSAC home visit tomorrow and meeting Sarah for lunch. Yay! It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so that lets me out of heavy duty yard work. Maybe it will clear up a little on Sunday, because I have flower seeds and veggie seeds that need to get in the ground.

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