11 May, 2011

Mama said there'd be days like this

Wednesday, which ordinarily is a good day, bit a big weenie on some fronts.

My boss has declared that Wednesday is the perfect day to have a morning full of meetings to discuss everything that is happening with this project.

He passed that down from Mt. Olympus and then took this week off, which is pretty typical of how things are going around the water cooler these days.

So for almost two hours I sat through meeting after meeting listening to people talk about things I do not understand. I have never studied business, know nothing about business analysis, or system engineering, and this project has a butt-load of new terms, acronyms, etc. I felt like the biggest moron, and also wondered how the heck I was supposed to take notes when people were speaking a language I could not understand at all. I spent about half of that two hours feeling like I was going to cry from frustration. Then I started getting angry. By the end of the meeting, if my boss was around, I'd have asked for a meeting to discuss my immediate departure.

I really do intend to talk to him about why he's not giving me more work I'm capable of and like doing. I'm great at administrative work like keeping schedules, maintaining databases, filling out the forms that we all have to fill out, and working with out HR and Security people to get new people set up. Talking about business analysis and designing processes - don't know how to do it, don't really want to.

We had a swim tonight and then went to the library for a little. Thank goodness, I needed to work off some frustration, and a new stack of library books will help fix what ails you!

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  1. Books are always helpful.
    If you don't know the terminology (yet! because you are able to learn anything!) then ask if you can get the meetings recorded and then take notes from the recording.