05 May, 2011

Recommended Reads

I am watching a movie on Netflix - Practical Magic. It's an okay movie, but watching it makes me realize that the book was so much better. The movie does have a good cast, but it's kind of hokey.

I have read almost everything by Alice Hoffman and I would like to recommend some of her books, since I think we are heading into the time of the year when magical realism is especially appropriate.
  • Turtle Moon- A wonderful book to read in the warm weather. You can practically feel the heat and humidity of a Florida summer, when a single mother tries to solve the mystery of her neighbor's death and the disappearance of a baby.
  • The River King An atmospheric story that's the opposite of Turtle Moon, instead of the heat of summer, it's full of freezing images of the northern winter. Love, hate, mystery, and murder at a boy's school.
  • Blue Diary The questions are: how well can we know each other? Can anyone really change? What if you found out that someone you loved did something terrible, would it change how you felt about them? Different from Hoffman's usual stories, no "magical" and all realism.
  • Blackbird House Each chapter is a separate story of people who live in Blackbird House throughout the years. It's beautiful how they all fit together.
  • The Ice Queen  A woman finds that the physical and emotional changes caused by a lightning strike shock her out of her quiet, orderly life into a new relationship with her brother and sister-in-law, into a frightening new relationship, and into a search for a man who has found the secret for fixing lives blasted apart by lightning
  • The Red Garden  Like Blackbird House, a series of interconnected stories set in a New England town.

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