11 April, 2011

Monday maundering

Mother Nature is NO lady. We keep having these dreamy, warm days that seduce you into believing that this is it! Spring is here, winter is no more, fa la la la la la la, hey, ho nonny nonny, let us all dance around in our Birkenstocks and sundresses. The following day, winter closes back in, it rains, is cold, SNOWS. The disappointment and bitterness is indescribable.

Today was one of the Spring! days. I enjoyed my dog walk more than usual today, but like The Who, I Won't Get Fooled Again. I'm keeping my coat and wool socks close to hand for the terrible weather that is sure to come tomorrow or Wednesday. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

Did anyone watch Back to Upstairs, Downstairs Yesterday on PBS Classics? It was very good. Am I the only one that noticed that Mrs. Simpson of Baltimore keeps showing up in British movies lately? The King's Speech, that thing they had on Masterpiece with Matthew McFadyen right after Downton Abbey, and now The Return of Upstairs, Downstairs. For a divorcee from Charm City, she's getting around. As she certainly did. I think that the reason Mrs. Simpson is so interesting to people is that they think, "What was so special about her that she was worth giving up a throne?"

Dame Eileen Atkins, who plays the Dowager Lady Whoosis, Maud, is awesome. She's one of those British actresses like Dame Maggie and Dame Judy, who continue to work and perform brilliantly past the age where American "stars" are put out to pasture. The Brits appreciate that talent and beauty doesn't disappear when the first wrinkles show up, or even when they invite all their friend to drop in and stay.

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