21 April, 2011


Lord have mercy upon our souls, the bad news has kept pouring in, day after day.

In the past couple of weeks I've heard the following:

A friend's beloved dog has cancer.

A friend who has cancer has had to go back on chemotherapy.

The father of a friend has some sort of bone cancer and has been in terrible pain.

The younger brother of a friend has lymphoma.

All this has put my tee-toncy problems in perspective. I am grumpy, I don't like my job, and I often wonder what purpose I have upon this earth, but right now those all seem somewhat pale and shadowy compared to the epic battles people I care about are fighting every day.

So, to those of you who are fighting the hard foes, I wish you strength and endurance. To those who have to stand by while those you love battle, I send you fortitude and patience. For everyone, no matter what pain or secret sorrow you are facing, I hope for peace.

"Without courage, all virtues lose their meaning." -Sir Winston Churchill

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