22 April, 2011

Okay weather, you have beaten me

The rain, in Maryland, does not stay mainly on the plain. It circles wherever I am, falling coldly on me as I try to go about my business. It seeps moistly into my socks through the cracks in my soles. It dampens me and my mood and my hair and my clothes. I give up. It's cold again, I've turned the heat back on on the 22nd of April.

If you knew how much it hurt me to report that. I have a rule that we don't use the heat in April and May, and this year that's been necessary to heat the house several times this April. My plan to keep the power bills low are being undermined. And since I am complaining about the weather, what the heck was that stupid Groundhog, Punxatawney Phil, smoking when he said winter would be over early this year? Hello people, winter looks like it's going right up to May this year. Grummel, grummel, grummel. Serves me right for getting meteorological information from a rodent.

I finished putting a border on the back for my Mom's quilt. Yay me. I have added several inches to my Tasha Tudor shawl and am approaching the time when I'll have to get help on adding the border. I can do it, I just need help translating the directions into something my brain can understand. I've also been painting pages for my art journal. I had fun today after the (wet, cold) dog walk. I cut a picture out of a magazine of a prettily handsome fellow. He was in some kind of clothes ad, or cologne ad, or an ad for expensive watches. He's now a pretty, pretty princess with long black hair, a yellow princess hat, and a blue dress. I overdid it with the gold eyeshadow a bit, so he's kind of a tarty looking princess, but for a first try at collage and using my paints, he makes me smile.

I think I will get my camera and sneak around taking pictures of things I want to share on FB and here. 

I am re-reading a bunch of comfort novels this weekend to get me through the cold weather. First I dashed through Year of the Cat, Gate of the Rat by Andre Norton, and now I'm in the middle of Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie. Speaking of Jenny Crusie, go over to her blog and read this fantastic entry about her dog Lyle. From his pictures, I am in love with Lyle, and think that maybe my next dog should be a wiener dog!

If you haven't yet read anything by her, I heartily recommend either Bet Me or Fast Women (my personal fave). This is JUST the weekend to read a smart mystery/romance/novel about smart, funny women. Just do yourself a favor and don't get sucked into the terrible Fortunate Miss Fortunes. I am sorry to say that it sucked donkey kong.


  1. Agree about the F Miss F's and I like Getting Rid of Bradley. But do you think in between making collages of transvestites you could go buy yourself a pair of shoes without cracks in the soles?????? Lordy!

  2. I have it in my mind to go get some nice new Naot slip-ons, but it hasn't happened yet. I could have done it today, but the day was magically taken up with dog walking, eating breakfast out, grocery shopping, and picking up a prescription. And then there was the three hour nap!