01 April, 2011

Fragmented and out of control

Very, very angry today. Having one of those days where if someone showed up at the front door with a check for a million dollars for me I'd probably scream at them for knocking too loud on the door.

It may be the big things that make us crazy, but it's the little things that set us off. I went freaky, mad, screaming, out of control loony today because one of the fire alarms was making that high pitched "My batteries are dying" chirping noise. It was a sore spot because for weeks I've been asking someone to change the batteries. Also, that noise makes Dru terrified and he was freaking out and trying to hide under pieces of furniture. And in general, I'm in a bad place right now.

I lost it, lost it, lost it. I climbed up on a stepladder and couldn't get it off the wall. I finally twisted just right and it came off, and I couldn't get the back off and the batteries out. I wound up beating it to death, while screaming curses, hurling batteries and pieces of fire alarm around the basement. Thomas, my life, the futility of everything - all were thoroughly cursed.

This too shall pass, I truly hope.

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