31 March, 2011

A buncha stuff in no order and with no particular theme

The man with the huge sore on his leg. Twice this week I have passed a man begging for change in the middle of the street near my office. He is a mess: filthy, dressed in shorts and shoes without socks. He has a sore the size of a both my hands on one of his legs. It looks like his calf is rotting. The sight of that leg hit me so bad the first time I saw him that tears came to my eyes. I scrambled around and found a five dollar bill in my pocketbook and gave it to him. He said, "Thank you and God bless." I don't know anything about him other than he is an obviously sick man begging on the street, but seeing him shocks me and makes me sad and angry and frustrated. Dear Lord, what a world we live in.

People in Japan. The people in Japan who have been hit by earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster seem to be handling this all with such calm and dignity. There may be some people who have run amok, but the pictures I've seen show people taking care of each other. I saw a man walking down the street with an elderly woman on his back in a picture. In disasters, we are all we have.

Yogabeans. You should just go look at it. Because we all need to laugh sometimes.
Pho. Up until 6 months ago I'd never eaten Pho. Heck, up until about a year ago, I'd never even heard of it. Then some work friends took me to Pho #1 near the office, and now I dream about Pho, crave Pho, and take every chance I can to go get Pho. I wish I'd taken my parents to get Pho while they were here, they'd love it. What's not to like about the most umami broth ever with noodles, onions, basil, lemon, and rare steak? I had Pho for lunch today and will have my leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I can hardly wait for lunch.

I went to the library tonight. They did not have the new Maeve Binchy on the shelf, but I did get several books that will fill the hours.

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  1. Yes, but don't you wish that they would spell Pho differently? It is delicious though!