17 March, 2011

Luck of the Irish

The luck of the Irish doesn't have anything on the luck of my German!

Last Wednesday Thomas went to a lunch meeting. They had a door prize of a $50 gift card to Morton's Steak House. He won it.

Today he went to an all day meeting somewhere downtown. Apparently he was a very active participant, and in honor of that, one of the the company reps gave him a $15 iTune gift card. Then they had the door prize drawing for an iPad. Guess who won that? It's a slightly older, more basic model than the one he was going to get himself, but we won't look this gift horse in the mouth. I'm delighted for him, and he's just tickled!

Then they had a St. Patrick's Day happy hour and he had four beers before taking the Metro home. Guess who's feeling pretty bubbly? Now we are off to our neighbor's house to eat corned beef and cabbage in honor of our non-existent Irish heritage. Well, today everybody's Irish, right?


  1. For God's sake go make Thomas buy lottery tickets!!!!!

  2. Thomas is always winning stuff. I am going to give him 5 dollars and tell him to buy lottery tickets for me. Great job, Mr. Lucky!