06 March, 2011

I finished my February book!

Dangerously Funny is about the Smothers Brothers, their comedy hour, and how CBS fired them for being too rowdily and independently liberal, and also for making President IAmNotACrook Nixon, who was indeed a crook, mad at them. Apparently he had a pretty thin skin and was super vindictive if you mocked him.

Yay me for finishing my February non-fiction book, even though I did it technically in March. It wasn't exactly my fault. I lost the book for over two weeks. Admittedly, I lost it because it was hiding under a knitting pattern book, and I am such a notoriously bad housekeeper that I only found it by accident. That's hardly my fault now is it? I blame chaos theory.

I liked Dangerously Funny much better than Kay Graham's autobiography. It was funnier, for one thing, might one even say it was dangerously funny. For another, nowhere do the Smothers Brothers complain about how hard life is when the servants take a half day off.

But speaking of Kay Graham, today I watched an elderly Hitchcock movie called Sabotage, which was also released as A Woman Alone. Oskar Homolka starred as the unsympathetic foreign saboteur who blows up his wife's kid brother. I kept thinking that the name Homolka was ringing some bells, so I did a google search on him, and BING! He was married for some time to Florence Meyer, Kay Graham's older sister. Which was surprising to me, because Herr Homolka wasn't all that attractive and Flo Meyer was a looker when she was young. I did remember reading about him in Kay's book.

No idea what my next non-fiction outing will be. I always have lofty ideas of reading something meaningful, but when it comes time to pull the trigger and read the worthy tome, I usually pike out and go for quick and entertaining.

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  1. It is pronounced chowse. You have a much better brain for facts, remembering the name Homalka from a 1000 page book jammed with names.