05 March, 2011

Like the Bay City Rollers said - Saturday Night!

I had a nice day. Super, super Saturday! It ended up with me going to Toni's for dinner and sewing.

We ended our evening watching HACHI with her kids. It was a nice movie, but woah, it was a tearjerker. At the end, I think we were all crying. Well, I know I was crying, and I suspect everyone else was too.

The movie is set in contemporary (1990s) America, but this is based on the true story of HACHIKO, an Akita dog in 1920-30s Japan. I came home and read a few pages about him.

I worked some more on my Round Robin that I did with my now-defunct mini group. I still have about 36 (or maybe more) inches of border to do. No idea what I will do with it then, probably just fold it and put it away. It's too nice to use daily and have the dogs roll all over it, but I don't want to use it as a wall hanging right now.

Small list of things to be happy about:
A truly excellent salad
40% off coupons for Jo-Ann's
Breakfast at the Suburban House
Talking to my cousin

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