22 March, 2011

It made me smile

We ate dinner at Noodles tonight. It's where we go when we have no food in the house and can't figure out what we want to eat. It's a fallback, and since it's in the parking lot of the Gucci Giant, we stop by there and pick up some groceries.
I saw them as soon as I sat down, while Thomas was still getting his drink and going to wash his hands. He was wearing a loden coat, and a round cap like the one on the left here.
There was a little bunch of silver and white flowers tucked into the hat band. IT WAS SANTA CLAUS. He had a luxuriant  white beard, a nose like a cherry, and while I didn't see it shake like a bowl full of jelly, he had a round belly!
Mrs. Claus was wearing a dark green track suit like outfit, and guess what else? Mrs. Claus, who was 60 if she was a day, was wearing a gold hoop nose ring. Who knew the Clauses were so hip? Who knew they ate at Noodles?

Maybe the Multiverse knew I'm feeling a little down. My new glasses are hurting my nose and making me dizzy. A good friend just got some not-great news re: her health. My taxes may never get done. I am going to have to quit my job from boredom and I'll wind up a broken down waitress at a greasy spoon. But TODAY, I saw Santa and his wife, and they were awesome!

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  1. They were Charm City Santa's... I love a bowler hat myself...