24 March, 2011

A bunch of women sitting around sewing

Like the Fates or the Parcae, we will gather together playing with thread. Of course, it won't measure anyone's life or set the day of their death, but we will probably cover some of the important stuff. Sometime late on Saturday people relax, settle in, and start telling stories about stuff that is going on in their families.

I'm heading off to West River for a quilting retreat. I'm quite looking forward to it, time to work on a project or three without worrying about all the other things I should do and places I could go. No real distractions other than taking a nap or eating some chocolate.

I have three things to work on. I intend to put the final border on my Storm at Sea quilt, and I have two quilt tops to work on that will be very easy. I don't expect to finish both of them, but I think I can make progress on both, as they are simple patterns that can be cut out quickly and chain-pieced.


  1. Have a fun and productive weekend. Say hi to all.

  2. Have a lovely time! Drink much tea.