14 March, 2011

Three Days of The Quilter

Mom and Dad were with us from Wednesday evening through early this a.m.

Mom came along for all the Quilt Expo fun. Friday night we helped set up the show for a few hours. Saturday morning we staffed the Membership Table as the show opened. I signed up three new members during my shift! Sunday we did two hours at Stash to Treasure and two at Admission.

I bought some fabric for a quilt I plan to make Mom. No idea of the design yet, but she got me started with some colors she likes.

I think our show was well attended, and hope that when the expenses are paid, we made a respectable amount of money on it.

Kristen and Christine came to the show, and Chris brought her friend Susan. We all went out for lunch on Saturday and had a jolly time at Bertucci's. Lots of laughing and silliness.

Mom and Dad left before light this morning. They had to get home and get back to the business of being retired. I'm not kidding, I don't know how they ever had time to fit in a job. Work was busy for me today! I can't think of the last time I had to say that. Lots to do, including filling out a horrible couple of expense reports. Considering that the ABC Corporation designs computer systems, why do the applications we have for ourselves always suck so bad?

After the dog walk this evening I put my pajama top on and started reading. Then I realized I had books that were exceedingly overdue. I got up, put my coat on over the pj top and headed off to the BCPL. Got my books on hold and paid a fine of mumble-fifty. Except, it wasn't a fine. They have re-named it. Now they charge you an extended use fee. Isn't that awesome? Instead of a punishing fine, you just pay a fee for extended use of the book. It's still 25 cents a day, but it's not a fine. I will sleep better knowing that I am not incurring fines.

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