07 November, 2011

Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown

I nearly flipped my wig in Target today.

I was there to get a Rx re-filled and to buy vacuum cleaner bags. Those are fairly simple things, right? But the whole trip seemed designed to make me crazy. First, I got the cart that had a wheel that stuck and dragged and made a ssshhhh-ssshhhhh-sssshhhhh noise that got on my nerves from the git-go. After just a few minutes with that cart I abandoned it. I was already too far into the store to want to go back, so I just kept going, sans cart.

In the end it didn't matter that I was cartless because I walked out with no friggin' vacuum cleaner bags and only two of the three prescriptions. It wasn't their fault about the drugs, my prescription was out. They will fax my doc for the refill. Merde happens, as the French say.

It was the complete dearth of vacuum cleaner bags that just about drove me into weeping in the aisle of Target. I was standing in front of a long wall with about 30 models of new vacuums, so if I had wanted to buy a NEW vacuum, I would have been golden. But, could I buy bags for the damn vacuum I already own? No dammit, I could not. They had maybe three types of generic bags for - I think - Eureka bags. They had NOT ONE single kind of Dirt Devil bags, and certainly not the D bags I needed.

I asked a tattooed and pierced young woman if that was all the bags they had, and she said, "Yeah," not even looking at me. I said, "You don't have very many do you?" and she said, "No." as she continued to cut open boxes of something that WASN'T vacuum cleaner bags. She didn't look at me, offer any help, advice, or even sympathetic commiseration. And suddenly rage just swept over me like a red tidal wave. I could feel blood just pouring into my face and I'm sure I was unattractively crimson. I turned and walked away, cursing under my breath. I was so angry I could have screamed, or broken something.

I am so sick of the lack of customer service in this country. I am also sick and disgusted with the way stores like Target fill up with cheap, plastic trash, while NOT stocking the basics like VACUUM CLEANER BAGS.

When I got home I send Target an email telling them I was NOT HAPPY with my visit today. Probably won't do any good, but it helped me vent.

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  1. I needed something at Target a few weeks ago and they didn't have it. I was irrationally angry about it but could at least say they don;t have to stock what they don't want to, but when people are just bloody rude and crap at their job, that is the last bloody straw! Shop online. In this economy if people can't do their job, they should lose their job so somebody who actually wants it can have it!!!
    (I should say that I love Target but they have been nice to me. My personal hate was KMart which I personally believe people only went to when they needed some verbal self flagellation.)